pic-4DR. PASHANE MTOLO, DDS, MPH, Chief Dental officer of Zambia (now retired) who provided Teethsavers expert advice, guidance, direction and much needed encouragement for over six years. Without Dr. Mtolo, The Zambia Six-Year Molar Focus School would not exist.

DR. JO FRENCKEN, MSc, DDS, PhD, Head of Research, Nijmegen Dental School, the Netherlands; 14 years in Africa Developing ART; since 2000 our consultant, both in person and by e-mail, who has been most instrumental to our program. Dr. Frencken was International Dentist of the year 1999 by the Academy of Dentistry International. Dr. Frencken came to Zambia in July 2008 to prepare the Teethsavers team for our three-year ART survey.

DR. RAMON BAEZ, DDS, MPH, Professor and Head of WHO Collaborating Center for Translation of Oral Health Science into Clinical and Public Health Practice, University of Texas Health Science Center at San Antonio, Texas; for Dental Calibration, Dentist of the Year, 2001. Dr. Baez came to Zambia two different weeks in 2007 to lead examination calibration for Teethsavers.

DR. POUL ERIK PETERSEN, DDS. and DR. ODONTSCI, DDS MSc, Director Global Oral Health program, World Health Organization (WHO), Geneva, Switzerland, who wrote in an email dated 23 August 2006, "Dr. Rudd, your Zambia program appears to have demonstrated success in the implementation of oral health at the village level. It will be most important if such activities and their impact on oral health can be documented and serve as a model for other communities/countries."

DR. ARRYCELA GOMEZ, Nicaragua Ministry of Health, Jinotega Department, made arrangements for the 12 Municipalities Health Official to refer one student to our school and have them employed in their Municipality on graduation from The Nicaragua Six-Year Molar Focus School in Jinotega. Dr. Gomez has now been replaced by Dr. Eduardo Canales

DR. JACK RUDD, DDS, FAGD, Teethsavers Founder and Director received the Award of Distinction for continuing dental education from the Academy of Dentistry international, September 2007, in San Francisco, California. The Academy of Dentistry International is the international honor society for dentists dedicated to sharing knowledge in order to serve dental and oral health needs to improve the quality of life of the people throughout the world. Annual awards are International Dentist of the Year and Humanitarian Dentist of the Year. Periodically the Award of Distinction is granted.


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