TeethSaver educationTeethsavers International, Inc. is an organization dedicated to caring for the children of developing countries and their teeth and thereby improving their overall health. The plan is to educate people from developing countries that can then care for and educate their own people. The vast numbers of children unable to receive any sort of dental care in these countries is overwhelming. New techniques of providing oral health care and new methods of education have been developed by Teethsavers to facilitate these goals in the absence of classrooms or normal dental equipment.

Teethsavers International, Inc., a non-profit corporation in the State of Texas (ID Number 3-20142-1468-1 and United States of America. Federal ID Number 42-1554415), was founded in May 2000 by retired dentist Dr. Billy Jack Rudd (Texas State Board of Dental Examiners, license 8085 issued 1965 available online). Financial and a Board of Directors headquartered at Westminster Presbyterian Church, 3321 33rd Street, Lubbock, Texas, U.S.A. With an increase in the prevalence of dental caries and periodontal disease in children in developing countries, Teethsavers recognizes an urgency to address the issues of early prevention and intervention of oral disease through treatment of carious lesions and oral health education programs shown to result in improvement of oral hygiene status in children in primary schools and villages.


Our primary purpose is to teach children and educators simple, inexpensive dental techniques in order to prevent future infections of their bodies. With clean teeth and bright smiles, we strive to help bring the hope of Jesus Christ to the entire world. Join us on our journey and see the difference you can make.

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